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“Professional Football´s Legal Regulations in Latin America.”
Image Régimen Jurídico del fútbol profesional en Iberoamérica
Legal Regime of professional football in Latin America. A study of comparative law. Several authors.
(15 x 23 cms. 422 pages)
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This book contains a detailed analysis of the different legal systems of professional football in Spain, Portugal, El Salvador, Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Panamá, México, Venezuela, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, Columbia, Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica.

The methodology for the study of these legal systems, has been structured under the same scheme that analyzes the subject of the competition organizers - essentially Federations and Leagues, participating subjects and auxiliaries, such as clubs, players and referees, as well as the legal relations between these parties.

This work, considered a useful reference manual, analyzes the peculiarities of each legal system in detail, covering aspects such as organization and description of the competition in each country, promotion and relegation, number of teams and players, transfer windows. contractual stability and dispute resolution.